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Coconut Egg (Pet Simulator X)

The Coconut Egg is the second cheapest egg in the Beach biome in Pet Simulator X. It costs 110k. It can be hatched after purchasing the Beach Biome.

Table of Contents

Available Pets

This egg contains five pets.

  • Ugly Duckling (40%)
  • Flamingo (40%)
  • Ducky (16%)
  • Shark (4%)
  • Kraken (??)


  • The Ugly Ducking, Flamingo, Ducky and Shark were first introduced in Pet Simulator 2 in Beach Egg.
  • The model of the egg is the same one from Pet Simulator 2 as a Beach Egg.
  • Coconut Egg is one of the first eggs that has a legendary.
  • This is the only egg that has its inside being completely exposed.

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