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Cursed Egg (Pet Simulator X)

The Cursed Egg is located in the Halloween World during the Halloween 2021 Event and Halloween 2022 Event in Pet Simulator X. Hatching a Cursed Egg costs 1.1m Candy Coin.png.

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Available Pets

The Cursed Egg contains 6 pets:

  • Vampire Bat (86%)
  • Werewolf (14%)
  • The Grim Reaper (??)
  • Ghoul Horse (??)
  • Huge Pumpkin Cat (??)
  • Huge Grim Reaper (??)


  • This egg had its price changed several times.
  • This egg is similar to the Eerie Egg.
  • This is the first egg in which the rarity of the least rare pet was Rare instead of Basic.
  • This was the first egg to contain an Exclusive pet.
  • The chances of Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mythical pets to be hatched in this egg were better than hatching the Eerie Egg.
  • The Huge Pumpkin Cat and Huge Grim Reaper were added in later updates and reruns and are the only pets to not be hatched from the Eerie Egg.

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