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Egg of Many Gifts (Pet Simulator X)

The Egg of Many Gifts was located in the Christmas World in Pet Simulator X. Hatching an Egg of Many Gifts costed 1.25M Gingerbread Currnecy PSX.png. This egg could only be hatched during the 2021 Christmas Event.

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The Egg of Many Gifts contained 7 pets:

  • Festive Elf (80%)
  • Rudolf (??)
  • North Pole Wolf (??)
  • Silver Stag (??)
  • Silver Dragon (??)
  • Santa Paws (??)
  • Huge Festive Cat (??)


  • This is the third egg that contains more than one Mythical Pet, others being the Dark Tech Egg and the Christmas Tree Egg.
  • This is the second egg that contains pets from a different egg.
  • This is the 4th egg added to the game to not to have a golden variant, the others being the Dominus Egg, Cursed Egg, Pog Egg, Royal Egg, and Diamond Acorn Egg.
  • This egg has the highest chance of hatching a Legendary.
  • This egg used to have the most pets with an unknown chance, each labeled with a “??”. It has since been beaten by the Golden Snowman Egg.
  • This egg has the longest Egg name in-game.

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