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Empyrean Egg (Pet Simulator X)

The Empyrean Egg is unlocked by gaining access to Heaven’s Gate within the Fantasy World in Pet Simulator X. Hatching an Empyrean Egg costs 350m, and hatching a Golden Empyrean Egg costs 3.15b.

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  • This egg, the Dominus Egg, Pog Egg, and Rainbow Pixel Egg are the only eggs that solely contain Epic or rarer Pets.
  • The golden version of this egg is the most expensive egg in the Fantasy World.


The Empyrean Egg contains 5 pets:

  • Empyrean Snake (50%)
  • Empyrean Stallion (37%)
  • Empyrean Fox (12%)
  • Empyrean Dragon (??)
  • Angelus (??)

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