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Hacker Egg (Pet Simulator X)


The Hacker Egg can be unlocked from unlocking the Hacker Gate. Hatching a Hacker Egg costs 3bTech-Cyborg Coin.png , while hatching the golden variant costs 27bTech-Cyborg Coin.png .

How to Unlock

The Hacker Gate, located at the back of the Tech Shop, to the left of the Glitch Egg, requires the Hacker Portal biome unlocked, and costs 10b Tech-Cyborg Coin.png and 500k Diamond (PSX).png .

Pets included in the Hacker Egg

  • Hacked Raccoon (91%)
  • Hacked Cat (5%)
  • Haxigator (4%)
  • Haxolotl (??)
  • 404 Demon (??)


  • This and the Dominus Egg, both have a gate/doorway that has to be unlocked in order to access the egg.
  • This is the most expensive egg in the Tech World.
  • This was the third egg to have a Huge pet, the second being the Egg of Many Gifts and the first being the Cursed Egg.
  • The Huge Hacked Cat was removed, but that’s probably because of the x6 luck event.

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