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Haxolotl Value

Haxolotl Value

Price Updated: September 9, 2022

Dark Matter:💎120,000

What is Haxolotl?

Haxolotl is a Legendary rarity pet in Pet Simulator X. It is a remodel of the Axolotl pet. There are four different variants of it, Normal, Golden, Rainbow and Dark Matter.

As of today, it is considered to be the best Legendary pet in the game. It is one of only two pets to have over one trillion in stats. 404 Demon is the other pet.

How much is Haxolotl worth?

The current Haxolotl value is estimated to be around 120,000 diamonds for the Dark Matter version.

How to get Haxolotl?

Haxolotl can be obtained by hatching it from a Hacker Egg.

A Hacker Egg can only be obtained once the Hacker Gate has been unlocked. It costs 3 Billion Tech Coins to hatch the normal version, and 27 Billion for the Golden version.

Unlocking the Hacker Gate requires the Hacker Portal biome to be unlocked. It costs 10 Billion Tech Coins and 500k Diamonds to purchase.

Other pets included in the egg are:

  • Hacked Raccoon (91% hatch rate)
  • Hacked Cat (5% hatch rate)
  • Haxigator (4% hatch rate)
  • 404 Demon (0.0004% hatch rate)
  • Huge Hacked Cat (0.000009% hatch rate)

Haxolotl Hatch Rate

The hatch rate for Haxolotl is estimated to be around 0.35% for the base rate, and 8.75% with boosted rates.

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