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Hell Egg (Pet Simulator X)

The Hell Egg is unlocked from the Hell Island in Fantasy World in Pet Simulator X. Hatching a Hell Egg costs 10m Fantasy Coin.png , while hatching a Golden Hell Egg costs 90m Fantasy Coin.png .

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  • Before the Heaven Update, the price of the Hell Egg was 11m Fantasy Coin.png , and the Golden was 99m Fantasy Coin.png .
  • This was the first egg to contain 2 Epic Pets with different hatching chances.


The Hell Egg contains 7 pets:

  • Hell Chick (65%)
  • Hell Rock (32%)
  • Hellhound (2%)
  • Hell Spider (0.26%)
  • Demon (0.19%)
  • Hound of Hades (??)
  • Wyvern of Hades (??)

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