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Huge Hell Rock Value

Huge Hell Rock Value

Huge Hell Rock Value


What is Huge Hell Rock?

Huge Hell Rock is an Exclusive pet that can be obtained in Pet Simulator X via trading with other players.

How much is Huge Hell Rock worth?

The current Huge Hell Rock value is 7,500,000,000 diamonds for the normal version.

How to get Huge Hell Rock?

Huge Hell Rock was available to obtain from every single egg in the game during an event that lasted from July 21st, 2022, to July 29th, 2022.

This special pet was released by the developers as compensation for the Hardcore update not being released at 3 million likes on Roblox.com, as was originally planned.

What is the chance to get Huge Hell Rock?

The chance of obtaining Huge Hell Rock was about 1 in every 2.5 million eggs opened.

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