Huge Pumpkin Cat Value 2022 (November) – Pet Simulator X

Huge Pumpkin Cat Value

Huge Pumpkin Cat Value

Price Updated: September 9, 2022


What is Huge Pumpkin Cat?

Huge Pumpkin Cat is an Exclusive rarity pet in Pet Simulator X. It was the first Exclusive pet that could be hatched from an egg. There are currently three different variants of it, Normal, Golden, and Rainbow.

How much is Huge Pumpkin Cat worth?

The current Huge Pumpkin Cat value is estimated to be around 9,700,000,000,000 diamonds for the Rainbow version.

Huge Pumpkin Cat Hatch Rate

The hatch rate for a Huge Pumpkin Cat is estimated to be around 0.0000002%. This is the lowest hatch rate in the entire game, making a Huge Pumpkin Cat the rarest hatchable pet currently available.

How to get Huge Pumpkin Cat?

Huge Pumpkin Cat can only be obtained by hatching it from a Cursed Egg.

Cursed Eggs could be bought for 750,000 Halloween Candy during the 2021 Halloween Event. It required Halloween World to be unlocked first.

Other pets included in a Cursed Egg:

  • Vampire Bat (86% hatch rate)
  • Werewolf (14% hatch rate)
  • The Grim Reaper (0.05% hatch rate)
  • Ghoul Horse (0.0003% hatch rate)

Huge Pumpkin Cat Enchant

All β€œHuge” pets are born with the unique enchant β€œBest Friend”. This enchant will make the pet as strong as your overall strongest pet.

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