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Insane Christmas Egg (Pet Simulator X)

The Insane Christmas Egg was seen in the Exclusive Shop in Pet Simulator X. Hatching an Insane Christmas Egg would’ve cost 1,200 Robux Icon.png .

Table of Contents


  • Rainbow Silver Dragon (65%)
  • Dark Matter Santa Paws (30%)
  • Huge Festive Cat (5%)
  • Huge Santa Paws (0.5%)


  • Although an egg, the “hatching” cutscene shows a present being opened instead of an egg.
  • The egg price showed that is was 800 Robux, not 1200 Robux on release. It was changed to display 1200 Robux afterwards.
  • The GUI was also later updated to show the hatch chance of the Huge Santa Paws.
  • This is the first egg to:
    • Cost Robux.
    • Include a Dark Matter pet.
    • Only include Mythical and Exclusive pets.
    • Include 2 Huge pets.
    • This was the first Robux egg to have Huge pets in it.
    • This was the only Robux egg to have mythical pets in it.


  • This violated the Roblox Terms of Service as the chances of obtaining a Huge Santa Paws were not shown, while costing Robux. The chances were later shown to abide by the rules.
  • The egg was removed at an unknown date after 72 hours.

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