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Mechanical Egg (Pet Simulator X)

The Mechanical Egg is unlocked by unlocking the Steampunk Area in the Tech City, in Pet Simulator X. Hatching a Mechanical Egg costs 1.65m Tech-Cyborg Coin.png , while hatching the golden variant of this egg costs 14.85m Tech-Cyborg Coin.png .

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The Mechanical Egg contains 6 pets

  • Ducky Magician (72%)
  • Mining Mole (25%)
  • Steampunk Crocodile (2%)
  • Steampunk Fish (0.29%)
  • Mechanical Spider (??)
  • Blimp Dragon (??)


  • This egg was not in the Giant Steampunk Chest Biome as people thought it would, it was in the Normal Steampunk Biome.
  • In the first few hours of release, the Steampunk Crocodile was mistakenly added in the Steampunk Egg. This was fixed shortly after.

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