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Party Cat Value

The Party Cat is an Exclusive pet in Pet Simulator X. It can be obtained from the Anniversary Gift with the chance of 100%. Here you can check out complete details about the hardcore updates.

Note: The Part Cat is an Exclusive pet that was teased in a previous update but never actually made it into the game. Maybe in a future update!

Party Cat Value

Party Cat Value


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What is Party Cat?

Party Cat is an Exclusive rarity pet that can be obtained in Pet Simulator X. It was added during the Hardcore update.

How much is Party Cat worth?

The current Party Cat value is 400,000,000 diamonds for the normal version.

How to get Party Cat?

Party Cat can be obtained as an Anniversary Gift, which is given to players of Pro rank or higher. This gift is only available from July 29 to July 30, 2022.

What is the chance of getting Party Cat?

The hatch rate for Party Cat was 100%.

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  • This pet is a re-skin of the Cat.
  • This pet is for Pet Simulator X’s first anniversary.
  • This pet could be obtained by getting to the Pro Rank in the game to prevent alts, although this is easily circumvented by trading any late-game pets to your alternate account.
  • There is a Huge version of this pet, the Huge Party Cat.
  • This pet technically has almost 100% of hatching since the gift from where you could have hatched it also contains a Huge Party Cat with a chance of 0.1%.
  • This pet is similar to the Hippomelon, as they were both available for only one day only.

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