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Paw Egg (Pet Simulator X)

The Paw Egg is obtained by unlocking the Cat Paradise in Pet Simulator X. Hatching a Paw Egg costs 39.4mRainbow Coin.png , while hatching the golden variant costs 368mRainbow Coin.png .

Pets included in the Paw Egg.

  • Propeller Cat (57%)
  • Fluffy Cat (39%)
  • Hydra Cat (2.1%)
  • Garden Cat (1.9%)
  • Clown Cat (0.17%)
  • Balloon Cat (??)


  • The Hydra Cat is easier to hatch than the Garden Cat, despite the Hydra Cat being an Epic pet and the Garden Cat being a Rare pet.
  • This egg contains two of the only animated pets, which are the Balloon Cat and Propeller Cat.

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