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Pet Simulator X Hardcore Pet Value List

This is our complete and up-to-date Pet Simulator X hardcore pet value list. Hardcore mode was added in Update 22, and is a complete reset of the game. Players will start from 0 in this mode, and have to progress through the entire game again.

Hardcore (HC) pets are the strongest in the game, and deal 10x their damage in the normal game mode. Similarly, normal mode pets deal 10T less damage in HC mode, making them mostly useless.

Everything in the HC world costs more, and takes longer to unlock.

Pet Simulator X Hardcore Pet Value List

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How to unlock hardcore mode in Pet Simulator X?

There are two requirements to unlock hardcore mode:

  • Earn 372 Mastery Points (25%)
  • Unlock the Void world.

Pet Simulator X Hardcore Pet Value List

Updated: December 1, 2022
Adjusted pet prices

This is a value list for hardcore pets in Pet Simulator X

HC Pet Value DMG Demand
HC DM Lucki 13,000,000,000 774T 10/10
HC DM Turkey 11,500,000,000 686T 10/10
HC DM Helicopter Cat 8,450,000,000 500T 9/10
HC Rainbow Lucki 1,500,000,000 271T 10/10
HC Rainbow Turkey 1.000,000,000 240T 9/10
HC Rainbow Helicopter Cat 700,000,000 189T 8/10
HC DM Pixel Demon 600,000,000 164T 6/10
HC DM Hedgehog 550,000,000 156T 6/10
HC Golden Lucki 400,000,000 116T 10/10
HC Golden Turkey 375,000,000 103T 8/10
HC Golden Helicopter Cat 350,000,000 70T 6/10
HC Rainbow Hedgehog 300,000,000 54T 4/10
HC Rainbow Pixel Demon 3,000,000,000 59T 5/10
HC DM Pixel Wolf 3,000,000,000 40T 5/10
HC Lucki 100,000,000 38T 10/10
HC Turkey 90,000,000 34T 10/10
HC Helicopter Cat 85,000,000 27T 6/10
HC Golden Pixel Demon 1,000,000,000 25T 5/10
HC Golden Hedgehog 80,000,000 23T 4/10
HC Rainbow Pixel Wolf 800,000,000 14T 5/10
HC Hedgehog 20,000,000 7.8T 4/10
HC Golden Pixel Wolf 300,000,000 6T 4/10
HC Pixel Wolf 80,000,000 2T 4/10
HC Pixel Pink Slime 50,000,000 900B 3/10

HC Pixel Shark

40,000,000 500B 2/10
HC Pixel Corgi 15,000,000 200B 2/10


And that was our current Pet Simulator X hardcore pet value list. Are you wondering what normal pets are worth in Pet Sim X? Check out our Pet Simulator X value list guide for a comprehensive list of prices for all of the best pets in the game.

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Pet Simulator X can be played for free on Roblox.com.

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