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Pet Simulator X Huge Pet Value List 2022

Values Updated: September 9, 2022

Are you looking for an up-to-date Pet Simulator X Huge Pet value list? Well, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got the prices for every Huge pet that’s currently been added to the game.

Pet Simulator X Value List

We constantly update the values for each huge pet on this list, so that you don’t get scammed.

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What are Huge Pets in Pet Simulator X?

Huge pets are a very special part of Pet Simulator X, as not only are they far larger than normal pets, but their damage also scales to the highest damage pet that you’ve currently got (which is currently likely to be the mythical Pixel Demon).

Ultimately, that means that instead of having a lot of Pixel Demon or Hellish Axolotl chasing after you, like everyone else, you can use Huge pets to follow behind you instead.

Huge Pets in Pet Simulator X are certainly not mandatory, they’re mostly a vanity thing. However, they will really make you stand out from the crowd!

What is the Rarest Huge pet in Pet Simulator X?

The rarest Huge pet in Pet Simulator X is likely to be the Huge Cat. This pet could only be obtained by purchasing a Cat Plush from the official BIG Games merch store.

Each plush would have a tag on it with a code that could be redeemed in-game for the Huge Cat pet. This was quite a while ago now, and there weren’t that many available.

Pet Simulator X Huge Pet Value List

This is the main Pet Simulator X Huge Pet value list. You filter the pets by Rarity, Source, and Demand.

PetNormalGoldenRainbowDark MatterSource
Huge Samurai Bull Value
Huge Samurai Bull
6,750,000,000,00023,000,000,000,000150,000,000,000,0000Season 1 Toy
Huge Chest Mimic Value
Huge Chest Mimic
6,750,000,000,00023,000,000,000,000150,000,000,000,0000Season 1 Toy
Huge Skeleton Value
Huge Skeleton
6,750,000,000,00023,000,000,000,000150,000,000,000,0000Season 1 Toy
Huge Techno Cat Value
Huge Techno Cat
6,750,000,000,00023,000,000,000,000150,000,000,000,0000Season 1 Toy
Huge Sapphire Phoenix Value
Huge Sapphire Phoenix
6,750,000,000,00023,000,000,000,000150,000,000,000,0000Season 1 Toy

Huge Cheerful Yeti
6,750,000,000,00023,000,000,000,000150,000,000,000,0000Season 1 Toy
Huge Enchanted Deer Value
Huge Enchanted Deer
650,000,000,0002,000,000,000,00021,000,000,000,0000Season 1 Toy
Huge Nightfall Wolf Value
Huge Nightfall Wolf
550,000,000,0004,650,000,000,00011,000,000,000,0000Season 1 Toy

Huge Cat
20,000,000,000,000055,000,000,000,0000Merch Code
Huge Mosaic Corgi Value
Huge Mosaic Corgi
370,000,000,0003,000,000,000,0004,750,000,000,0000Season 1 Toy
Huge Crystal Dog Value
Huge Crystal Dog
370,000,000,0003,000,000,000,0004,750,000,000,0000Season 1 Toy
Huge Cyborg Capybara Value
Huge Cyborg Capybara
240,000,000,0003,550,000,000,0005,450,000,000,0000Exclusive Pets Egg
Huge Capybara Value
Huge Capybara
135,000,000,0003,000,000,000,0004,350,000,000,0000Exclusive Pets Egg
Huge Easter Cat Value
Huge Easter Cat
9,500,000,000,00014,750,000,000,00018,000,000,000,0000Legendary Easter Egg
Huge Party Cat Value
Huge Party Cat
570,000,000,0002,100,000,000,0004,600,000,000,0000Anniversary Gift

Huge Pumpkin Cat
4,500,000,000,000000Cursed Egg

Huge Pumpkin Cat
325,000,000,0002,500,000,000,0006,500,000,000,0000Cursed Egg

Huge Santa Paws
3,900,000,000,0006,250,000,000,0008,500,000,000,0000Insane Christmas Egg

Huge Dog
800,000,000,0006,850,000,000,00043,000,000,000,0000Merch Code

Huge Dragon
800,000,000,0006,850,000,000,00047,000,000,000,0000Merch Code

Huge Forest Wyvern
500,000,000,0006,300,000,000,0007,500,000,000,0000Exclusive Pets Egg

Huge Gargoyle Dragon
510,000,000,0006,150,000,000,0008,750,000,000,0000Exclusive Shop

Huge Lucky Cat
490,000,000,0005,900,000,000,0007,850,000,000,0000Exclusive Pets Egg
Huge Storm Agony Value
Huge Storm Agony
1,200,000,000,0005,000,000,000,0008,000,000,000,0000Exclusive Shop
Huge Rainbow Unicorn Value
Huge Rainbow Unicorn
610,000,000,0006,000,000,000,0009,900,000,000,0000Exclusive Shop
Huge Pony Value
Huge Pony
590,000,000,0006,400,000,000,0009,800,000,000,0000Exclusive Shop
Huge Super Corgi Value
Huge Super Corgi
350,000,000,0005,000,000,000,0006,150,000,000,0000Exclusive Shop

Huge Festive Cat
250,000,000,0001,500,000,000,0002,600,000,000,0000Insane Christmas Egg
Huge Cupcake Value Pet Sim X
Huge Cupcake
40,000,000,000240,000,000,000800,000,000,0000Chance Gift
Huge Pixel Cat Value
Huge Pixel Cat
40,000,000,000185,000,000,000600,000,000,0000Rainbow Pixel Egg
Huge Sleipnir Value
Huge Sleipnir
370,000,000,000000Exclusive Pets Egg

Huge Hacked Cat
65,000,000,000360,000,000,0002,400,000,000,0000Hacker Egg
Huge Floppa Value
Huge Floppa
140,000,000,000000Exclusive Pets Egg
Huge Hell Rock Value
Huge Hell Rock
7,500,000,00020,000,000,00045,000,000,0000Limited Event

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