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Pet Simulator X Leaks 2023

Here is our Pet Simulator X leaks guide. Leaking all of the new pets coming in the next big update for Pet Sim X!

There hasn’t been an update for Pet Simulator X since the Easter 2022 event, many months ago.

The reason behind this is apparently because the game’s creator, Preston, needed to take a break from developing the game and take a have some time to rest and recoup. This is completely understandable given how much he’s put into the game, and how young he is.

However, that decision has definitely caused PSX to take a hit in popularity, with games such as Clicker Simulator matching, or even overtaking it in the player count at times.

Recently Preston has indicated that a brand new Pet Sim X update is on the horizon, with a huge focus on the endgame experience for players. Not only that, but many new games that have copied the format for PSX have started to pop up everywhere.

Pet Simulator X Leaks

Here are some leaked pets coming in the next update.

Huge Nightfall Wolf Value

Huge Nightfall Wolf

Huge Nightfall Pegasus Value

Huge Nightfall Pegasus

Huge Mosaic Griffin Value

Huge Mosaic Griffin

Huge Tiedye Cat Value

Huge Tiedye Cat

Pet Simulator X Leaks
Pet Simulator X Leaks

The names of the pets are:

  • Caracal
  • Capybara
  • Ninja
  • Ninja Turtle
  • Tiedye Cat
  • Tiedye Dragon
  • Tiedye Corgi
  • Tiedye Bear
  • Floppy

It isn’t currently known exactly when this update will be released, but I would at least expect it sometime this month. In the meantime, check out our Pet Simulator X value list page for up-to-date prices on all pets in the game.

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