Pet Simulator X Value List 2022 (Halloween Update)

Looking for an up-to-date Roblox Pet Simulator X value list? You’ve arrived to the correct place! Welcome to the town of value. We have a comprehensive list of all Pet Sim X pet values that is filterable, sortable, and easy to read.

If you’re a fan of Roblox’s Pet Simulator X and want to discover which animals are the most valued in-game right now, you’ve come to the perfect spot!

We’ve listed the most valuable pets (in Gems) that you can get your hands on right now, as gamers trade their way to possessing the most profitable creatures conceivable.

The creators’ trading mechanism makes the notion of exchanging pets more thrilling in order to obtain your very own dream pet!

This website will be regularly updated with the most recent values and new pets. If you notice a pet that is missing and believe it should be added, or if you want to submit your own pet values, please leave a comment below and we will look into it!

Pet Simulator X Value List

This is the primary list of Pet Simulator X values. The pets may be sorted from least costly to most expensive, and then filtered by Rarity, Source, and Demand rating. You may also look for your favorite animal.

So far, over 180 pets have been added to the list. We haven’t listed every single pet in the game because some are either unobtainable, untradable or have a poor value owing to their ease of acquisition.

Pet Sim X Halloween Value List

Because the default ranking order is arranged from highest value to lowest, depending on the best rarity of each pet, this may also be used as a value tier list. When a new update is released, we will move all of the new pets to the top of the list.

  Exclusive Egg 2 Value 2022 (November) – Pet Simulator X
Pet Value ListNormal Value ListGolden Value ListRainbow Value ListDark Matter Value List
Huge Party Cat5,000,000,000,00011,000,000,000,00019,000,000,000,000
Huge Easter Cat4,000,000,000,0006,000,000,000,0004,750,000,000,000
Huge Cat3,800,000,000,0007,400,000,000,000
Huge Pumpkin Cat3,550,000,000,0006,000,000,000,0007,100,000,000,000
Huge Enchanted Deer3,000,000,000,0006,500,000,000,00011,000,000,000,000
Huge Santa Paws2,900,000,000,0005,600,000,000,0006,750,000,000,000
Huge Pumpkin Cat (Glitched)2,500,000,000,000
Huge Dragon950,000,000,0002,400,000,000,0003,650,000,000,000
Huge Dog950,000,000,0002,400,000,000,0003,650,000,000,000
Huge Storm Agony675,000,000,0004,500,000,000,0006,000,000,000,000
Huge Forest Wyvern530,000,000,0003,500,000,000,0004,500,000,000,000
Huge Cyborg Capybara500,000,000,0005,500,000,000,0006,500,000,000,000
Huge Gargoyle Dragon500,000,000,0003,700,000,000,0004,200,000,000,000
Galaxy Pegasus (Glitched)500,000,000,000
Huge Lucky Cat495,000,000,0004,500,000,000,0004,000,000,000,000
Blue BIG Maskot450,000,000,000
Huge Pony420,000,000,0004,600,000,000,0004,100,000,000,000
Huge Rainbow Unicorn405,000,000,0004,300,000,000,0006,100,000,000,000
Huge Capybara350,000,000,0004,000,000,000,0005,100,000,000,000
Huge Super Corgi320,000,000,0004,800,000,000,000
Huge Festive Cat320,000,000,0001,800,000,000,0003,200,000,000,000
Signature BIG Maskot (Glitched)300,000,000,000
Galaxy Dragon230,000,000,000
Nebula Dragon215,000,000,000
Huge Sleipnir210,000,000,0005,000,000,000,0004,200,000,000,000
Domortuus Astra205,000,000,000
Empyrean Agony195,000,000,000
Storm Wolf190,000,000,000
Galaxy Pegasus170,000,000,000
Dominus Astra (Glitched)165,000,000,000
Storm Wolf (Glitched)150,000,000,000
Chest Mimic150,000,000,000
Dominus Astra140,000,000,000
Electric Slime135,000,000,000
Nyan Cat130,000,000,000
Dominus Darkwing125,000,000,000
Signature BIG Maskot120,000,000,000
Mushroom King120,000,000,000
Huge Floppa110,000,000,0004,750,000,000,0003,400,000,000,000
Storm Dragon110,000,000,000

What Is Pet Sim X

In the Roblox game Pet Simulator X, players gather and buy a variety of animals. As you go, you’ll amass a ton of cash and diamonds to spend on them. You may swap these bought-in pets for a great deal of money. Having stated that, you must first understand the worth of these animals. Not to worry, below is a list of the values for every animal in Pet Simulator X.

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