Pixel Demon Value 2022 (November) – Pet Simulator X

One of the well-known games on Roblox is Pet Simulator X, where you may unlock additional pets by gathering cash and diamonds. Some of the virtual pets in games might be exorbitantly pricey.

We’ll explain the price of the Pixel Demon in Pet Simulator X in this tutorial.

It is one of the most potent pets in the game and has surpassed Hellish Axoloti in terms of potency. The Pixel Demon is a brand-new breed of pet that falls under the Mythical category in terms of rarity.

Players hoping to acquire a Pixel Demon would be startled to learn that the Dark Matter form of the pet presently costs 600,000,000. The Normal, Golden, and Rainbow variants of the pet, on the other hand, have corresponding values of 11,000,000, 35,000,000, and 150,000,000 diamonds.

Pixel Demon Value

The Pixel Demon is a Mythical Pet in Pet Simulator X. It can be obtained from Rainbow Pixel Egg and the Spotted Pixel Egg.

Pixel Demon Value

Price Updated: September 9, 2022

Dark Matter:💎30,000,000
HC Golden (25T):💎70,000,000,000
HC Rainbow (59T):💎200,000,000,000
HC Dark Matter (165T+):💎800,000,000,000


  • Its dark matter variant is currently the strongest pet in-game.
  • This is currently the easiest Mythical pet to hatch.
  • This is a re-skin of the Demon.
  • This pet is similar to the Pixel Dragon.
  • This is the fourth and last “hell” pet, the first being the Wyvern of Hades.

People Also Asks

How much is Pixel Demon worth?

The current Pixel Demon value is 30,000,000 diamonds for the Dark Matter version.
The hardcore version of Pixel Demon with 165T+ DMG can be worth as much as 1,100,000,000,000 diamonds.

How to get Pixel Demon?

Pixel Demon can be obtained by hatching it from a Rainbow Pixel Egg.
The Rainbow Pixel Egg is located in Pixel World. Pixel Alps must be unlocked first before the egg can be bought. It costs 9.25 million rainbow coins to buy the normal version and 79.1 million for the golden version.

Other pets obtainable from the egg include:

  • Pixel Pink Slime (96% hatch rate)
  • Pixel Wolf
  • Huge Pixel Cat

Pixel Demon Hatch Rate

The base hatch chance for Pixel Demon is 0.01%, and 6.66% when all possible boosts (including egg mastery) are active.

Pixel Demon Level Stats

Pixel Demon can reach up to 198.7 trillion stats when upgraded to Dark Matter. This makes it the strongest pet currently in the game.

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