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Planet Egg (Pet Simulator X)

The Planet Egg is obtained by unlocking the Alien Forest area in Pet Simulator X. Hatching a Planet Egg costs 172mTech-Cyborg Coin.png , while hatching the golden variant costs 1.55bTech-Cyborg Coin.png .

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The Planet Egg contains 5 pets:

  • Jelly Alien (94%)
  • Alien Arachnid (6%)
  • Red Fluffy (0.33%)
  • Blue Fluffy (0.33%)
  • Galaxy Fox (??)


  • The price of the Planet Egg was adjusted from 270m Tech-Cyborg Coin.png to 173m Tech-Cyborg Coin.png and the cost of a Golden Planet Egg was adjusted from 2.43b Tech-Cyborg Coin.png to 1.55b Tech-Cyborg Coin.png .
  • This is the second egg in Tech World to skip Legendary rarity, the first being the Titanium Egg.

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