Pog Dragon Value 2022 (November) – Pet Simulator X

The Pog Dragon is an Epic Pet in Pet Simulator X. It was obtainable from the Pog Egg with a chance of 2%.


  • This is a re-skin of the Dragon Pet.
  • This pet is inspired by the popular Twitch meme and emote, PogChamp.
  • It could still have been obtained by fusing after the egg was removed, however, this was removed in the next update.
  • Although this pet was removed, It still appears in the Pet Collection.

Pog Dragon Value

Pog Dragon Value

Price Updated: September 9, 2022

Dark Matter:💎15,000,000,000

What is Pog Dragon?

Pog Dragon is a Legendary rarity pet that can be obtained in Pet Simulator X via trading. It is one of the four “Pog” pets currently in the game.

How much is Pog Dragon worth?

The current Pog Dragon value is estimated to be around 15,000,000,000 diamonds for the Dark Matter version.

How to get Pog Dragon?

Pog Dragon was only available to obtain for one week, between September 11th and September 18th, 2021. It could be hatched from a Pog Egg.

Purchasing a Pog Egg required players to unlock the secret area where it was located in. In order to do that, they had to type “knock knock” while standing in front of a building near the VIP area in the Town. The requirements for it to work were to have Heaven’s Gate unlocked, and be at Impossible rank or higher.

Once the area was unlocked, the player would automatically obtain a Pog Cat and have access to the Pog Egg. The egg cost 11 Billion Fantasy Coins to purchase.

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Other pets contained in the egg were:

  • Pog Cat (49% hatch rate)
  • Pog Dog (49% hatch rate)
  • Pog Immortuus (0.00949% hatch rate)

Pog Dragon Hatch Rate

The base hatch rate for Pog Dragon was estimated to be around 2%.

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