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Pog Egg (Pet Simulator X)

The Pog Egg was a limited egg available from September 11th to September 18th 2021 unlocked from an area accessed by typing “knock knock” into the chat, while standing in front of the second building (light-blue) on the left near the VIP Area at the Town in Pet Simulator X. You had to have the Heaven’s Gate unlocked and the Impossible rank or higher. Unlocking the area grants the player a Pog Cat. Hatching a Pog Egg costed 11b Fantasy Coin.png .

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  • Prior to the Trading Plaza Update, pets in this egg were not included in the Pet Collection.
  • This is the only egg that uses a currency not from the world it is located in.
  • This is the first limited time egg, which was available from September 11th to September 18th, 2021.
  • This egg is based on a popular Twitch emote and meme, PogChamp.


The Pog Egg contained the following 4 pets:

  • Pog Cat (49%)
  • Pog Dog (49%)
  • Pog Dragon (2%)
  • Pog Immortuus (??)

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