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Spotted Egg (Pet Simulator X)

The Spotted Egg is the second egg in the Shop biome that you can buy for the cost of 1,000 coins. This is also the first egg to contain an epic pet.

This egg can be found at Spawn World.


The Spotted Egg is an egg with blue and green spots all around it. There is also a crack on the front of the egg.


Normal: 1000 Coins


Normal: 9000 Coins


  • This egg is the most expensive egg you can buy in the first zone ‘Town’, aside from the golden version of the eggs.
  • This egg has the first Epic pet in-game, which is the Noob Pet.
  • This egg has two re-skins, the Pog Egg and the Lab Egg.

Available Pets

  • Cow (38%)
  • Piggy (38%)
  • Chicken (15%)
  • Chick (8%)
  • Noob (0.23%)

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